Destruction of fake products (2010)

Customs' detection dog in action

Consumer Event "Original vs. Fake" (June 2012)

Seminar on IPR - Focus: Patents

We look forward to your visit

In order to give consumers and entrepreneurs a better understanding of the problem of counterfeit products we organise, on a regular basis, IPR-seminars, consumer events - incl. the destruction of fakes - theme days (e.g. focus on fake pharmaceuticals), etc. All events can be found on our German website.

If you are interested in a (public) guided tour, please contact us. Guided tours in English are only possible on appointment.

If you are interested in showing a Plagiarius-exhibition “Original vs. Plagiarism” at one of your own events - or in booking a lecture on brand- and product piracy, please contact Ms. Christine Lacroix at Aktion Plagiarius.