Negative Award "Plagiarius"

The trophy of the black gnome with the golden nose is a symbol for the exorbitant earnings product pirates collect at the cost of innovative companies. This gnome was created to express the German aphorism "to earn oneself a golden nose" meaning to earn a lot of money.

The Plagiarius exhibition
Original vs. Counterfeit - Hands-on sensitisation in the Museum Plagiarius

In our permanent exhibition we show more than 350 product units - i.e. original products and their brazen plagiarisms - in direct comparison. The collection has been gathered by Aktion Plagiarius e.V.. The registered society conducts an annual competition that awards the anti-prize “Plagiarius” to those manufacturers and distributors that a jury of peers have found guilty of making or selling "the most flagrant" imitations.

Nowadays, almost all sectors are affected by imitations: From classical consumer goods, household articles and sanitary products to toys, pharmaceuticals and food and up to tools, automobile fittings and technically highly complex machines and equipment.

Product- and brand piracy is a lucrative billion dollar business for unscrupulous counterfeiters – clearly at the expense of innovative entrepreneurs, gullible bargain hunters and the workers in illegal factories.

In guided tours, seminars and consumer events both, industry and consumers are getting a ‘first-hand-view’ of the problem and receive information about the sweeping extent of the damages and dangers incurred by fakes. The collection is complemented by counterfeits seized by customs.